The Mexican-American War of 1846-1848

The Mexican-American War
ISBN: 0-9720873-2-x
After researching numerous documents on the Mexican American War of 1846-1848, the evidence accuses the USA of being the aggressor. This study proves that this war was pre-planned and provoked by Polk and his cabinet - no doubt about it. The evidence indicates that the war was a smoke screen to steal territories the USA had failed to purchase (3 times); Mexico refused the 3 offers. This book provides answers to: 1) After the USA defeated Mexico and was in Mexico City, why did the USA not take all of Mexico? 2) In the history of mankind the winner takes whatever it wants from the loser. Why did the USA pay $15 million for the territories it annexed? The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo as taught in our classrooms is incorrect and incomplete, and seldom, if ever, does our history mention the Agreement at Queretaro, an addendum to the treaty - copies of both documents included in this text. The Treaty suggests we have the wrong border between California and Baja. The author provides Mexican American history which should be taught in our schools, such as 3,000 Mexican and 3,000 Cuban soldiers fought in the American Revolution; 4 different invasions of the State of Sonora by American citizens; and other historical information which should be taught in our schools, but it is not.

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