Aztecs in the American Southwest

Aztecs in the American Southwest!
ISBN: 1-936209-10-1

This book documents the residency of the Aztec in the United States of America. In 1386 B.C. these Native Americans established their homes in the 4 corners area of the American Southwest and resided in the area for over 880 years. This means that the descendants of these Native Americans, such as Chicanos, Mexican Americans, and Mexicans, and others, the Yaqui, Hopi, Zuni, Comanche, Pueblo, Pima, Utes, Piutes, and Shoshone have resided in the American Southwest for over 3,300 years and that they have a written history to prove it.

The archaeological relic, "The Aztec Calendar," is a history book craved in stone, which was deciphered by Dr Cecilio Orozco and Dr. Alfonso Rivas Salmón. This history book documents the history of the Aztec since before 1386 B.C. in a land north of the 4 corners area, their initial migration into the 4 corners area in 1386 B.C. , and their migration into Culhuacan in 502 B.C., Mazatlán in 308 A.D. In 1116 A.D. their departed from Mazatlán and wandered in central Mexico without a permanent residence for 209 years until they finally settlement in the island city of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) in 1325 A.D.

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