Joaquin Murrieta - A Quest for Justice!

A Quest for Justice!
ISBN: 0-9720873-0-3

In 1848, Joaquin Murrieta and his family arrived in Alta California from Villa San Rafael de los Alamitos, Distrito de Altar, Sonora, Mexico. They were Mexicans seeking their fortune in the Mother Lode. While prospecting Joaquin and his family were claim-jumped twice. The second time, his older brother was lynched; his wife was gang-raped; and he was horsewhipped and left for dead. He went to the County Sheriff to file charges against the mobsters and was informed that in California it was not illegal for whites to rape Mexicans, nor was it illegal for whites to kill Mexicans. Angered and disillusioned with the Sheriff's response, the Murrieta brothers and his friends decided to seek their own justice. They captured and then killed 41 of the 42 villain/rapists, and the laws labeled them outlaws.

The Murrieta's organization robbed and killed Anglo-Americans in the Mother Lode and in the San Joaquin Valley, their strong-hold. In less than 3 years he stole and herded to Mexico more than 10,000 horses; stole over $1,500,000 in gold; and killed and robbed scores of people. In 1853, a special company of California Rangers was enacted to halt Joaquin's criminal activities; but he was never captured, killed, or tried for any crime. The Rangers claimed they killed him, but they actually killed another Mexican, cut-off his head, and then lied to the State of California to collect the reward money offer for Joaquin's head. In 1898, Joaquin died of old age in Mexico, 70 years old.

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